Run, run, run…

Running and jumping in a rainy city can be dangerous if you don’t wear suitable clothes. Moreover when after taking a shot you realise there was a winged demoniac creature watching your step. Luckily this time I was fully equipped for the run with the Razorblade Jacket‘s Trekka Vest w/ Shirt and their  Baggy Cargo Faders, both with their own hud that offer us multiple options to change colours and textures and customise them as we like. More details below.

HAIR:  *ARGRACE* Noah – Light Brown


WATCH: **RE** Rebel Watch M3 – Male

SHOES: KAPONE – Chucks Sneakers Leather Black

Enjoy the run!


Last days of summer III

Finally, the last presentation of the series, this time wearing Gizza‘s Casual Style Outfit [Brown] that includes Gizza Long Sleeve Shirt [Brown], Gizza Cotton Pants [Blue] with the brown belt (available in the same pack black and white belts) and Gizza Loofer Shoes [Sand].

As you could see in this series there are several ways to combine these summer clothes and create your own style just with a pair of pants and shirts. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. More details below.

HAIR:  *ARGRACE* Noah – Light Brown


WATCH: **RE** Rebel Watch M3 – Male

See you soon!

Last days of summer I

Hello again. Almost with the last beam of summer sun I wanted to rescue some of my favourite outfits for this season. All of them consisting in a series of combinations from Gizza. My friends will find them familiar tho. In this first presentation I’m wearing Gizza‘s Cotton Shorts [White] in its brown belt version and their Long Sleeve Shirt [Brown]. More details below.

Seaside (crop)

HAIR:  *ARGRACE* Noah – Light Brown

SHOES: Gizza – Loofer Shoes [Sand]



My first post

Well, here we are… my first post as a noob blogger. I love taking pictures in sl and since I usually get dressed to take them… why not to start with this blog?

For this special occasion  I wear the Gabriel Mesh Double-Jacket suit in its Khaki version. I couldn’t help and picked it up as soon as I saw it. More details below.

When there is nothing left to say

HAIR:  *ARGRACE* Noah – Light Brown

SHOES: Gizza – Loofer Shoes [Sand]

NECKLACE: ::GB:: Angel heart Necklace TWO (M)

See you soon!